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No Excuses; No Neglect
A debt management counsellor stresses how important a budget is as couples try to get a handle on their credit card debt.  Some people agree and get started. Others neglect to begin. Dirty windows beg to be washed.  Some will clean them right away. Others get busy with other things and neglect the windows.  Sunday morning rolls around with the Lord’s invitation to worship.  Some will eagerly gather as Jesus comes to them in Word and Sacrament. Others will find various reasons for staying away.
It’s hard to tell why important things go undone. Whatever the reason, we don’t feel good about it. A twinge of guilt haunts us about it.
Think about God!  The Bible says He “did not spare his own Son, but gave Him up for us all” (Romans 8:32).  God could have excused Himself with, “The life of my own Son is too big a price to pay.”  Equally tragic for us, God could have neglected to do anything about our sin.  Either way we would be left with an impossible dilemma. How could we ever be right with God?
God solved our eternal hopelessness when He gave His Son “up for us all.”  What a blessing to know and believe this gospel truth!  What a gift to have faith in Jesus and love for God. Continue to worship Him throughout the summer months. Take your Bible & hymnal on your holidays if no church of our fellowship is in your vacation area.  Review our sermon messages from our website. Make the time to worship on Sundays - and enjoy God’s earthly creation afterwards.  Let’s not neglect our soul’s greatest need, Jesus. He didn’t neglect us!
Sunday School The last Sunday School lesson of the spring is June 25th. We resume after Labour Day in September. May the Lord continue to bless us as we share His Word in home devotions over the summer.
Summer Sunday Bible Study July 2nd through Labour Day we’ll offer a 20 minute Bible study immediately after worship. We encourage everyone to participate, including the children. God bless us as we gladly learn His Word. During this 500th Anniversary year of the Lutheran Reformation, we’ll review the Apostles’ Creed as summarized in Luther’s Small Catechism.
Vacation Bible School is Monday – Friday, July 10-14. 9:30 – Noon for ages 3-12. Register your children, share the postcards on the counter to invite others, and use the “Volunteer Form” to offer your talent to serve.
Vacation Bible School teachers/ helpers meeting meets June 25th after Bible hour. Please join us to finalize our plans for our Bible camp.
St Paul, NE Calgary (our sister WELS church) invites us to their summer sports camp for ages 6-12, July 24-28, from 9am -4pm. Cost is $50/child, with a family discount of $5.00/child. For more information, search www.saintpaullutheran.ca.
St. Peter Call Continues: Our sister church in St. Albert was informed the pastor they had called returned the call. They will call again June 28th. Pastor Schultz will lead the call meeting as our circuit pastor. Pastor Habben and his family are leaving St. Peter July 23rd for his new calling at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Antigua. May Jesus bless Pastor Habben & family and the family of believers at St. Peter as they await His timing on receiving a new pastor.
Quarterly Voters’ Meeting is Sunday, July 16th after worship. We’ll have an open forum, then the voters’ will meet to act on any resolutions. Plan on attending this meeting to hear our reports and prayerfully help in planning our gospel ministry.
Spiritual Oasis – Mid-week Bible Study doesn’t meet in July and August. We resume after Labour Day. 
Greeters:  Please sign the calendar on the counter for dates you can serve to welcome our worshipers into God’s house.  A “Greeter’s Guide” is on the clipboard. You may also use the online form at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0f45a9ae22a5fb6-sunday
Canada’s 150th anniversary July 1 will offer many events celebrating the 150th anniversary of our nation’s founding. Pray for the Lord to bless our country with wise, righteous leaders, laws that ensure our religious freedom, and strength to maintain our safety and security. Let’s not use our freedom and national wealth simply to satisfy our earthly desires. May Christ use us to continue to proclaim the Gospel for the salvation of souls
Here are some interesting facts – and a powerful warning from the website – Canada’s Christian Hertiage (cccheritage.ca).
In 1533, Jacques Cartier sailed up the St. Lawrence River to Montréal. He wrote in his diary “…we all kneeled down…and with our hands raised toward heaven yielded our thanks to God.”
The “Father of New France,” Samuel de Champlain, wrote in his diary, “…(the aborigines are) living without God…I thereupon concluded in my private judgement that I should be committing a great sin if I did not make it my business to devise some means of bringing them to the knowledge of God.”
In 1886, William Howland ran for Mayor of Toronto. During his campaign, he urged voters, “Let us keep the city, a God-fearing city, and I would rather see it thus than the greatest and richest city in the continent”. He won.
David Thompson, explorer and statesman, developed maps from his surveys between 1784 and 1812.  He said the reason he endured the physical hardship of exploration “so that these physically impenetrable barriers may be traversed and the Gospel be spread.”
Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley one of the Fathers of Confederation, rose each morning to start his day with prayer and Scripture reading. As the 33 fathers gathered in Charlottetown to discuss and draft the terms of the British North American Act, Tilley had read Psalm 72:8 and became so convinced that Canada should be a nation under God, that he presented the name “Dominion of Canada” for this new country. The other Fathers readily agreed. The following words hang in the corridor near the confederation Chamber in Province House: “In the hearts of the delegates who assembled in this room on September 1, 1864, was born the Dominion of Canada. Providence being their guide.”
That’s why before the fall of 1983, July 1 was called “Dominion Day,” a recognition of the sovereignty of God. But in 1983, with only twelve Members of Parliament present, the private members bill that proposed changing “Dominion Day” to “Canada Day” was passed. The Canadian Parliament changed the name to “Canada Day” within five minutes and without debate.
Egerton Ryerson, father of public education in Canada, wanted a “common patriotic ground of comprehensiveness and avowed Christian principles.” He wrote the textbook First Lessons in Christian Morals which was published in 1871. He clearly said that the Ontario school system was to be a “Christian public school system.”
But…Canada’s Christian history is slowly disappearing out of the history books. The government and courts are systematically removing from law the scriptural principles that the founding fathers of Canada stood for. They claim that these principles no longer reflect relevant traditions to public policy. As a result of these changes, Canada is in economical and moral decline: Examples include: Violent youth crime has increased by 116% between 1986 and 1992. The suicide rate for young people between the ages of 15 and 19 has increased by 600% between 1955 and 1992. The number of single parent families has risen 34% from 1981 to 1991. The divorce rate has increased over 5 times between the late 1960’s and the mid-1980’s. The net federal debt per capita was $837 in 1970. By 1995, that figure skyrocketed to $18,325, a 2000% increase in just 25 years
God has warned us in his word that turning away from His absolute principles will result in the collapse of a nation. The Fathers of Confederation built a good and solid foundation on the Word of God.  What will we do to bring people God’s Word – to save their souls and guide their lives? What will we do to encourage our leaders to return to the founding principles of our nation?