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Midweek Lent
March 29, 2023

John 19:30
Can I Be Sure of Salvation?

5th Sunday in Lent
March 26, 2023

John 11:47-53
Whose Plan Was It that One Must Die for All?

1) An unbelieving man devised this deadly plan.
2) Our gracious God carried out His life-giving plan!

Midweek Lent
March 22, 2023

John 19:28-29
Why Do the Righteous Suffer?

4th Sunday in Lent
March 19, 2023

Matthew 20:17-28
Why Did Jesus Come to This World?

1) To Bring Us Life Everlasting.
2) To Give Us Life to Serve in Love.

Midweek Lent
March 15, 2023

Matthew 27:45-47
How Serious Is Sin?

3rd Sunday in Lent
March 12, 2023

John 9:1-7, 13-17, 34-39
Christ Corrects Our Vision!

1) He came that the seeing may become blind.
2) He came that the blind may see.

Midweek Lent
March 8, 2023

John 19:25-27
Am I My Brother's Keeper?

2nd Sunday in Lent
March 5, 2023

John 4:5-26
Thirsty? Jesus Gives Us Living Water!

1) We all thirst for it.
2) Jesus' living water refreshes us.
3) We will share this living water with others.

Midweek Lent
March 1, 2023

Luke 23:39-43
Does Jesus Want Me?

1st Sunday in Lent
February 26, 2023

Matthew 4:1-11
One Little Word Can Fell Him!

1) By the Word of God Christ overcame the Devil.
2) By the Word of God Christ will keep us in faith.

Last Sunday after Epiphany
February 19, 2023

Matthew 6:24-34
See His Glory? Seek His Kingdom!

1) You can't serve two masters.
2) Serve “Money” - worry about body and life.
3) Serve God – seek His kingdom first.

6th Sunday after Epiphany
February 12, 2023

Matthew 5:21-37
Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God!

1) A heart of love and forgiveness.
2) A heart of purity and innocence.
3) A heart of truth and faithfulness.

5th Sunday after Epiphany
February 5, 2023

Matthew 5:13-20
Your Are ...

1) The salt of the earth.
2) The light of the world.

4th Sunday after Epiphany
January 29, 2023

Matthew 5:1-12
You are Blessed!

1) When you look to Christ alone for eternal life.
2) When you live to show Christ's love.
3) When you endure suffering for Christ's sake.

3rd Sunday after Epiphany
January 22, 2023

Matthew 4:12-23
Jesus Drives Away the Darkness!

1) Through His message.
2) Through His ministry.

2nd Sunday after Epiphany
January 15, 2023

John 1:29-41
What Do you See when You Come to Jesus?

1) The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.
2) The Saviour whom you witness to others.

January 8, 2023

Matthew 2:1-12
What Does Epiphany Mean?

1) Jesus is the Saviour of all.
2) We follow the light of His Word.


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Jesus said, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." ~ Matthew 11:28