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The Second Sunday in Lent
March 17, 2019

Philippians 3:17-4:1
Rejoice! Your Citizenship Is in Heaven!

1) Beware of being earthly-minded.
a. As believers given new birth – we have a choice to make.
b. We're tempted to be earthly-minded, aren't we?
* Beware of being earthly-minded, for then our destiny is destruction.

2) Be blessed by being heavenly-minded.
a. God created us for eternal life with Him.
b. Through Jesus our citizenship is in heaven.
c. Live with your heavenly goal in mind.
* Hands stretched forward and eyes gazing downward will strain your spiritual muscles. Eyes gazing up – and your spiritual muscles will adjust to living with your heavenly goal in view!

The First Sunday in Lent
March 10, 2019

Where in the World is God?
Romans 10:8B-13

1) He is near you through His Word.
a. Due to our sin, God would have been far away.
b. Through the gospel He is near you.
* Where is God? How can we contact Him? Travel to the Gospel, and you'll know God is with you!

2) Call on Him since He is so near.
a. Through faith in Jesus you will be saved.
b. Through faith in Jesus you will never be put to shame.
* God is everywhere. In His Word He comes to you personally to create and strengthen your faith, to heal and forgive your sins, and to enliven you with His love and power to live.

The Transfiguration of Our Lord
March 3, 2019

Deuteronomy 34:1-12
What a Heavenly View!

1) When you view your life through God's promises.
a. Moses climbed a mountain to see the Promised Land.
b. Moses disqualified himself from entering the Promised Land.
c. Moses entered the eternal Promised Land by faith.
* But since Jesus purified us from all sin, we have a heavenly view as we live by faith in God's promises.

2) When you view eternity through God's promises.
a. Moses appeared in glory with Jesus.
b. Jesus is the Prophet to whom we now listen.
* The most beautiful we have by faith is Christ on Mount Calvary and Christ arisen. When our faith journey ends – What a heavenly view!

The Seventh Sunday after Epiphany
February 24, 2019

1 Corinthians 15:35-38, 42-49
Eagerly Await the Lord's Harvest!

1) We plant a natural body.
a. Jesus rose as the “first-fruits” of a full harvest.
b. Physical death is the “planting” for a harvest.
c. The body that is sown is perishable.
* Jesus conquered death for us. When we trust in Him we can face our own death confidently – it's a planting for the Lords Harvests.

2) The Lord harvests a glorified body.
a. Our body is raised in glory and power.
b. Our body is raised immortal.
* Sin destroyed life. Jesus restored life – perfect life for body and soul!

The 6th Sunday after Epiphany
February 17, 2019

Luke 6:17-26
Happiness is to Know the Saviour!

1) In poverty (for yours is the Kingdom of God).
a. In our poverty we treasure Jesus.
b. Woe to those who trust their goddess makes them rich!
* Happiness is to plead, “Lord, have mercy on me a sinner”! We then rejoice in the Lord's gifts of forgiveness, love and life!

2) In hunger (for you will be filled).
a. The Lord satisfies our soul's hunger for real life.
b. Woe to those well-fed with their own pride.

3) In weeping (for you will laugh).
a. We mourn sin's results. We rejoice in God's forgiveness.
b. Woe to those who laugh now with no thought for the Lord.

4) In persecution (for you will be rewarded in grace).
a. The world rejects our Christian faith and life.
b. Woe to those of whom the godless world speaks well.
* One day we will see Chris's promises fulfilled in heaven's glory. Therefore, happiness is to know and follow Jesus!

5th Sunday after Epiphany
February 10, 2019

Isaiah 6:1-8
The Lord Reveals Himself to Us ...

1) To confront us with His holiness.
a. The Lord confronts Isaiah with His holiness.
b. Isaiah cries out, “Woe is me!”
* We too must confess that we sinners would be ruined if we stood before the holy God in our sin.

2) To cleanse us of our sin.
a. The Lord cleansed Isaiah with the coal from the altar.
b. The Lord cleansed us with the sacrifice of His Son.
* Come clean with God – by confession and faith in forgiveness.

3) To call us to His service.
a. Whom would the Lord send? Isaiah!
b. Whom does the Lord send? “Send me!”
* What does it take to go in the Lord's Name? Live and speak His love in Christ! Here am I! Send me!

The 4th Sunday after the Epiphany
February 3, 2019

1 Corinthians 12:27-13:13
Love Never Fails!

1) Christ loves you and gave Himself for you.
a. Because human love fails ...
b. ... God in love sent His Son to save us.
* Love never fails! God saved you. Through the Gospel He gives you faith to know and trust in His love.

2) Christ gives you His love to give to others.
a. His new command is to love one another (John 13:34-35; John 15:9-12).
b. Without love we are nothing.
c. Love is ...
* Let every Christian read this chapter Weekly. What change would it make in our lives, families, and congregation?

Third Sunday after the Epiphany
January 27, 2019

Isaiah 61:1-6
The Lord Has Anointed Me to Preach Good News!

1) Good News to Give Us Eternal Life.
a. Christ was anointed with the Holy Spirit as our Prophet.
b. We need good news – because of the bad news of sin!
c. Jesus came to preach the Good News; freedom; enlightenment; and grace.
* When we believe His good news He gives us joy to replace despair; strength to replace weakness.

2) Good News to Build His Church.
a. His Old Testament people rebuild Jerusalem.
b. His New Testament people build His church through the good news of Jesus.
* Depressed because of all the bad news? Hear – and share the Good News!

The Second Sunday after Epiphany
January 20, 2019

Isaiah 62:1-5
The Lord Turns Us from Desolation into Delight!

1) On Our Own – Were Desolate and Ruined.
a. Desolation awaited Israel.
b. Why – It was unfaithful to the Lord.
* What are the false gods we're tempted to pursue? As we repent of the dark chapters in our life and in our church, God still calls us “My people!” What grace!

2) Through Jesus – We're a Delight.
a. God would restore Israel to faith in His promises.
b. By faith they are His delight.
* The true Israelites are those of Abraham's faith-line (Romans 9:8,30). Jesus was deserted and desolate to free us from sin. Here's the mystery – God delights and rejoices now in us!

The First Sunday after Epiphany
January 13, 2019

Isaiah 42:1-7
Headed the Wrong Way in Life?
Not When You Behold the Servant of the Lord!

1) Jesus, God's chosen and anointed Messiah.
a. Who is this Servant? Jesus
b. The Father delighted in Him – He never went the wrong way!

2) Jesus, who brought justice to the nations.
a. True justice demanded eternal punishment for sinners.
b. Jesus brought justice by living and dying in our place.

3) Jesus, who gives us faith through which we are saved.
a. He conquers – not like a tyrant, but by winning our hearts to faith.
b. He builds up our week faith to receive His blessings.
* Have you ever wondered, “Is my faith strong enough? What if I lose my faith and am eternally lost?” Whether faith is weak or strong, it receives God's eternal blessings. Jesus will strengthen our faith through the means He has chosen – Word and Sacrament. As God's child, baptized, believing, continuing in the Word and Sacrament, and living to serve your Savior – you're never headed the wrong way!

January 6, 2019

Isaiah 60:1-6
Arise, Shine, for Your Light Has Come!

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