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The 5th Sunday after Pentecost
July 14, 2019

Ephesians 2:1:10
Power for a New You!

1) Why do we need a new life?
a. We were by nature dead in sins.
b. What did we deserve? God's wrath.
* Wrath is God's justice in action. He can't ignore sin, nor coexist with it. But still He loves the world – He loves you! He sent His Son to win forgiveness so we're object of His love!

2) In grace God gave us a new life.
a. God in love (agape – seeking our welfare.) and grace (God's love we don't deserve) made us alive with Christ!
b. In His eternal plan – we're already enjoying heaven!
* We can't earn or pay for this new life. We have been saved (rescued) through faith. Now we live as God's workmanship, crated to do good works in love for Jesus!

The 4th Sunday after Pentecost
July 7, 2019

Ephesians 1:15-23
A Pastor Prays for His People

1) Thanking the Lord for the miracle of faith.
a. Instead of looking at empty pews and complaining ...
b. Thank the Lord for what the Lord is doing!

2) Asking that we know the Lord better.
a. Through the Scriptures we are made wise for salvation.
b. Is the church a consumer-driven marketing organization, or the dispenser of God's Means of grace?

3) Asking for greater hope in Jesus for life eternal.
a. Only in Christ can we be sure of eternal life.
b. Only in Christ do we have God's power for our life on earth.
* We, the Church, are Christ's body and His fullness. Be filled with His grace through the Gospel and share Christ's life with others!

The 3rd Sunday after Pentecost
June 30, 2019

Luke 7:11-17
The Lord of Life Helps the Living Deal with Death

1) He feels our pain.
2) He deals with our problems.

The 2nd Sunday after Pentecost
June 23, 2019

Ephesians 1:1-14
God's Eternal Plan – Our Place in It!

Introduction: Why is my church important?

1) An apostle – writes to people in God's plan – Saints!
* Through Jesus we are holy in God's eyes!

2) We were in God's plan from eternity.
* Why did God “choose” us? In grace alone!

3) God's plan unfolds through these words:
The Word of Truth
The Holy spirit
* People search for “identity.” What is yours? Through God's amazing grace in Christ we sinners were chosen to be children of God!

The 1st Sunday after Pentecost
The Holy Trinity
June 16, 2019

John 16:12-15
The Holy Spirit Guides Us in God's Truth

1) God the Father has known the truth from eternity.
a. Jesus promised to send the Spirit of truth.
b. He teaches us the truth – about our sin and our Saviour.
* All man-made religions teach we must discover God's truth and earn eternal life. God the Father reveals the eternal truth of eternal life as His gift we receive by faith in His son!

2) God the Same Came to fulfill God's truth.
a. Jesus is the eternally begotten Son God, born a man.
b. His obedience and death earned eternal life for us.
* John 3:16 – Isn't it really just like God?

3) God the Holy spirit reveals the truth through the Bible.
a. He makes known what belong to the Father and the Son.
b. He inspired the truth – the Holy Scriptures.
* We will never understand the mystery of the Trinity. But the Holy Spirit does give us faith in Jesus for eternal life!

Pentecost Sunday
June 9, 2019

Genesis 11:1-9
It's Pentecost! What a Big Deal!

1) The Holy Spirit unites us with Jesus.
a. Human pride and sin would separate us from God.
b. Only the Holy Spirit can unite us with Jesus by faith.
c. Only the Holy Spirit keeps us united with Jesus.
* The Holy Spirit works through the Gospel in Word and Sacrament. Don't neglect the gospel in order to build your own tower of Babel!

2) The Holy Spirit unites us with true believers.
a. Pride at Babel produced divisions in the human race.
b. The Holy Spirit unites us as one Body of believers.
* Never take our fellowship for granted. By continuing to believe and live by God's Word we'll grow in our love and unite.

3) The Holy Spirit equips us to serve our Saviour.
a. We devote ourselves to Christ's Word & Sacrament.
b. We serve our Savior in our lives and in His Church.
* Our lives matter as the Holy Spirit equips us to serve.

The 7th Sunday of Easter
June 2, 2019

John 17:20-26
Jesus Prays for You and Me!

1) He prays for our unity with Him now by faith.
a. With everything else on His mind – He prayed for us!
b. He prayed for His believers to be united in faith.
* We continue in His Word to stay united with Jesus and with His loyal followers. Let's do all we can to encourage unity as we grow in God's grace and knowledge through the Bible.

2) He prays for our eternal unity with Him in heaven.
a. He prays that we see His glory in heaven.
b. In humiliation He ransomed us from sin, death, and the devil.
c. In exaltation He reigns over all and assures us a place in heaven.
* Could there be anything more encouraging than that Jesus was praying for us the night before He died? His prayer is answered as we live in unity of faith and anticipate the glory of heaven!

The 6th Sunday of Easter
May 26, 2019

1 John 3:18-24
Why May We Pray confidently to God?

1) God has completely forgiven all our sins.
a. Our sins would have separated us from God.
b. Our hearts would condemn us, “How dare you pray!”
* Through Jesus we can come confidently to God, for God is greater than our hearts.

2) God promises to hear and answer all our prayers.
a. The promise is for those who believe in Jesus!
b. We're God's children, with His Spirit within us.
* “God knows everything,” so we ask according to His will.

The 5th Sunday of Easter
May 19, 2019

Revelation 21:1-6
Welcome Home!

1) God promises an eternal Home in heaven.
a. John sees a vision of a new heaven and new earth.
b. There is “no longer any sea”. All evil is gone!
c. John sees a New Jerusalem prepared as a Bride.
* Jesus came from heaven to earth to be our heavenly Bridegroom. He has returned to heaven to prepare a place for us. Now we are unite with Him by faith through the gospel. In heaven - “the dwelling of God is with men!”

2) God promises to make everything new.
a. All the “old” results of sin will be gone.
b. God has spoken. His words are trustworthy and true!
* Satan and his evil seem to be in control. But even now the One on the throne has entrusted to us the Means of His Grace to make things new! How can we be anything but confident and courageous as we await the day the Lord invites, “Welcome home!”

The 4th Sunday of Easter
May 12, 2019

John 10:22-30
Our Good Shepherd assures us of eternal life

1) He brought us into His flock.
a. Those who refuse to believe Him are not His sheep.
b. By nature we also were not His sheep.
c. Our Good Shepherd made us His sheep in grace.
* Follow your Good Shepherd, and know His gift of eternal life!

2) He rescues us when we wander.
a. We're prone to wander and wonder about eternal life.
b. Jesus in grace promises to keep us safe.
* Despite the times we are unlovable, God continues to love and care for us. He uses Christian mothers to cradle His lambs in His loving arms.

The 3rd Sunday of Easter
Youth Confirmation Sunday
May 5, 2019

1 John 2:24-25
See that God's Word Remains in You

1) You need God's power to stay in faith for eternal life.
a. Are you concerned about losing your faith?
b. The Lord promises to keep you in faith.
* Thank the Lord for His gift of eternal life!

2) God's power works through the Word to keep you in faith.
a. Faith is God's gift to you.
b. The Holy Spirit will keep you in faith by the Gospel.
* Use the Means of Grace. The Lord will bless and keep you!

The Second Sunday of Easter
April 28, 2019

Acts 5:12, 17-32
Let's Go Tell the Full Message of This Life!

1) Won by Jesus' death and resurrection.
a. The resurrected Lord blessed His church.
b. Christ's apostles proclaimed new life through Jesus.
* Only the Lord can answer our questions about life. Thank Him He has given us life through Jesus (John 11:25)!

2) Witnessed by Jesus' faithful believers.
a. What about those without Christ?
b. Satan tries to keep the message from getting to them.
c. “We must obey God rather than men!”
*Are we ready to witness even if it requires sacrifice? One gave all – for all! All who believe give some, some give all as they lay down their lives for Jesus. We live now and forever by the power of God who raised Jesus from the dead!

April 21, 2019, 9:30AM

1 Corinthians 15:1-11
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