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The 10th Sunday after Pentecost
August 13, 2017

Matthew 13:44-52
Why is the Gospel Your Most Valuable Treasure?

1) Recognize its priceless value!
a) Jesus tells a parable of a hidden treasure & priceless pearl.
b) The Gospel is that treasure and pearl!
* Will we joyfully believe and proclaim our gospel treasure?

2) Be willing to sacrifice everything for it.
a) Jesus sacrificed His all to give us the treasure.
b) We willingly sacrifice and surrender our all to Jesus.

3) Believe it, apply it, and share it.
a) Jesus tells a parable of a net that encloses all kinds of fish.
b) The gospel draws many into the visible Christian Church.
* We examine our hearts to repent of any hypocrisy. Understanding Jesus' teaching, we're equipped to live, witness, and serve Jesus.


9th Sunday after Pentecost
August 6, 2017

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43
What Shall We Do about the Weeds?

1) Recognize the devil has sown them.
a. The Lord sows the good seed by the gospel.
b. The devil sows weeds by his lies and temptation.
* The earth is still the Lord's and Christ is the Victor over evil.

2) Bring the gospel to them during this time of grace.
a. Pulling the weeds seems like the best way to get rid of them.
b. Jesus wants us to bring His gospel to unbelievers.
* Christ has entrusted us with the spiritual weapon of His gospel during this time of grace.

3) Know God will separate the weeds from the wheat at the end.
a. Living among "weeds" keeps us in the Word and longing for heaven.
b. When He comes for Judgment Jesus will separate the weeds from the wheat.

8th Sunday after Pentecost
July 30, 2017

Matthew 13:1-9,18-23
Be Good Soil for the Gospel Seed!

1) Bad soil rejects the seed.
a. The hard heart rejects the gospel.
b. The shallow heart has enthusiasm, but no depth.
c. The half-hearted refuses to give up love for the world.
* The Lord encourages us to keep growing in His Word lest the devil use the things Of this world to cause our faith to die.

2) Good soil accepts the seed and produces a harvest of faith and love.
a. The Holly spirit makes our hearts "good soil" (Ephesians 2:1; 1 Corinthians 12:3).
b. God's Law prepares our hearts by crushing our pride & self-righteousness. The Gospel gives us faith in
Jesus our Savior.
c. By the Word the Holy Spirit produces a harvest of faith and love.
* Think of your blessings through the Gospel! Let your heart be good soil for the gospel seed!

7th Sunday after Pentecost
July 23, 2017

Matthew 11:25-30
Come to Christ for Rest!

1) Give Him your burden.
a. The burden beneath all burdens-sin.
b. The "yoke" of the Law only increases the burden.
* No human relief can give us rest. Since our only rest is in Christ, give Him your burden of sin and guilt!

2) He will give you rest.
a. He earned this rest for us all.
b. We receive rest by faith in Him.
* Under Christ's yoke, we're free from sin's burden. We serve our Savior in love as we await the eternal rest of heaven (Revelation 14:18).

6th Sunday after Pentecost
July 16, 2017

Matthew 10:34-42
Find Real Peace through Jesus

1) It will bring conflict with the world (v.34-38)
a. Jesus' gospel of peace meets rejection by the world.
b. We can never have peace if we're at war with God.
c. Jesus' sword (His Word) defends us in faith.
d. Love for God comes even before love for family.
* We will deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow Jesus. As you take your cross, Chris is with you.

2) It will bring peace with God and with God's people.
a. Those who "find" their life without Chris really lose it.
b. By "losing our life" for Christ we find it.
* The blessings of fellowship with God and with God's people will overflow to us when we find real peace in Jesus.

The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost
July 9, 2017

Matthew 10:24-33
Confidently Proclaim the Gospel!

1 ) Without Fear of Failure.
a. Servants will be treated like the Master - what an honour!
b. Proclaim the gospel from the roof tops!
* Through Jesus we are holy in God's eyes. Confidently proclaim this good news without fear of failure (Isaiah 55:11).

2) Without Fear of Persecution.
a. Christ's enemies can kill the body, but not the soul!
b. Despite persecution today, the Lord safely keeps our souls.

3) With the Promise of a Glorious Future.
a. Our Heavenly Father will protect us throughout our lives.
b. Our Savior Jesus will welcome us to heavenly joy.
* Faithfully use the Means of Grace, and you will confidently proclaim the gospel in every area of life.

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
July 2, 2017

Matthew 9:35-10:8
"How do we reach others with the Good News?"

1) With Christ-like compassion.
a. Christ brings the "good news" of the kingdom.
b. He had compassion on the sheep without a shepherd.
* Most still are like sheep without a shepherd. Will we not have compassion?

1) With Christ-like compassion.
a. Christ brings the "good news" of the kingdom.
b. He had compassion on the sheep without a shepherd.
* Most still are like sheep without a shepherd. Will we not have compassion?

3) With zealous gospel work.
a. Christ zealously proclaimed the Good News.
b. He appointed others to zealously proclaim the Good News
* Let's tell others the Good News with our Iives, witness, and mission support.

The Third Sunday after Pentecost
June 25, 2014

Matthew 9:9-13
Thank God - Jesus calls sinners!

1) He calls us to follow Him to eternal life (v.11-13).
a. Tax collectors were definitely "sinners."
b. Jesus came not to call the righteous, but sinners.
* Jesus, the great Physician, makes house calls. He came to earth to live and die for all sin. He calls sinners. In humble faith His Church today still calls sinners. When we struggle with guilt, remember - Jesus calls sinners! (see also 1 John 3:19-20).

2) He calls us to follow to serve in His kingdom.
a. Jesus called Matthew, and he left everything to follow.
b. Jesus used Matthew to serve - and he still serves today through his inspired gospel.
* Jesus calls us to serve Him. As He renews our health by the gospel in Word and Sacrament, won't we also reach out to others with God's love and mercy?

2nd Sunday after Pentecost
June 18, 2017

Matthew 7:15-29
"Build Your Life's House Wisely!"

1) The house built on sand collapses forever.
a. A house built on sand may look good, but ..
b. Just being/looking good doesn't admit you into heaven.
c. Those who do God's will enter the kingdom of heaven.
* "Doing God's will" is believing in Jesus. Building on any other foundation (wealth, popularity. pleasure, self-righteousness) leads to eternal collapse.

2) The house built on the Rock endures forever.
a. Jesus is the only foundation for faith and life.
b. Whoever builds on Jesus believes the Gospel and follows God's will in faith and love.
* When the storms of life descend, the wise builder stands firm on Jesus. When death itself strikes, he will enter eternal rest in heaven!,

The First Sunday after Pentecost
Festival of Holy Trinity
June 11, 2017

Matthew 28:16-20
How Shall We Live Our Christian Life?

1 ) By worshiping the Triune God
a. Jesus came to His disciples to strengthen their faith.
b. Jesus revealed the true God is Three in One.
* Thank the Lord for His revelation as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, our Creator. Redeemer, and Sanctifier.

2) By bringing His saving gospel to others.
a. God wants all to be saved.
b. Christ's people will carry out His great commission.
* Remember Jesus' promise, "I am with you always!"

June 4, 2017

John 16:5-11
"lt ls Good for Us that Jesus Went Away"

1) He sent the Holy Spirit to convict us of sin.
2) He sent the Holy Spirit to convict us of righteousness.
3) He sent the Holy Spirit to convict us of judgment

Seventh Sunday of Easter
May 28, 2017

John 17:1-11
"Our High Priest Prays to his Father in Heaven"

1) Glorify Your Son as He Completes His Mission.
2) Protect Your People as They Continue Their Mission.

Sixth Sunday of Easter
May 21, 2017

John 14:15-21
The Holy Spirit Will Be with You Forever!

1) He will make Christ alive in you.
a) Jesus promised another Counselor-the Holy Spirit.
b) The Holy Spirit comes alongside us to encourage us.
c) The Holy Spirit brings Christ to live in us
* How can the holy God live in us? Jesus has cleansed us of all sin. Until we live with God in heaven, He comes to live in us as His children. That's our new identity!

2) He will bring Christ's love to you.
a) He shows us God's love in Christ.
b) He leads us to live in Christ's love guided by His Word.
* The Holy Spirit brings God's truth to us so we live by His Word and promises!

The Fifth Sunday of Easter
May 14, 2017

John 14:1-12 (Bible, p. 763)
Rejoice that you trust in the living Savior!

1) He assures you of eternal life in heaven.
a. The disciples' hearts were very troubled.
b. Jesus assured them o fa heavenly home.
c. Jesus assured them He is the Way, Truth, and Life.
* How will you overcome your worries when your heart is troubled? Hear your Saviour's promises and trust in Him.

2) He shows you the Father's love.
a. We want assurance of God's love.
b. Anyone who has seen Jesus has seen the Father.

3) He gives the Holy Spirit to enable you to do great things!
a. Jesus work of saving us is finished.
b. He returned to the Father to send the Holy Spirit so we may show Him, the Way, Truth, and Life to others here and around the world.

4th Sunday of Easter
Good Shepherd and Confirmation Sunday
May 7, 2017

John 10:1-10
"Live Life to the Full!"

1) The Good Shepherd gives life to the full.
a. False shepherds try to steal and kill.
b. The Good Shepherd died and rose to save.
* The Good Shepherd called you by name and leads you through His Word. When other voices call, whom will you follow? Only the Good Shepherd can give life to the full!

2) The Good Shepherd is the Gate to God's blessings.
a. The shepherd is the gate to the sheep pen's safety.
b. The Good Shepherd is the gate to God's blessings now and forever.
* Some leave the safety of the Shepherd. Some starve their souls. But look at the life to the full your Good Shepherd gives you! Jesus is alive from the dead. Live life to the full by faith in Him!

The Third Sunday of Easter
April 30, 2017

Luke 24:13-35
"Stay with Us, Lord Jesus"

1) To give us lasting hope.
2) To guide us with your word.
3) To comfort us with your presence.

2nd Sunday of Easter
April 23, 2017

John 20:19-31
Are You Paralyzed by Fear? Or Powered by Faith?

1) Without faith, we should be afraid.
a. The world hates us as Christians (John 15:18-20).
b. So the disciples were afraid because Jesus was dead.
* What are you afraid of? We're tempted to hide behind locked doors, even the doors of the church.

2) Jesus' resurrection powers our faith.
a. Jesus appeared to take away his disciples' fear.
b. Why doesn't He appear to us?
c. Because, "Blessed are those who have not seen, yet have believed."
* Our faith is based on the rock-solid evidence of the eye witness writings, inspired by the Holy Spirit. When fears arise, turn to the Word and Sacrament and live powered by faith.

Easter Sunday
April 16, 2017

Matthew 28:1-10
Turn to Jesus for Resurrection and Life!

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